Speak Out

When we speak with one voice for every child, we can accomplish many things. PTA members actively engage and empower families and community members at the local, state, and national level.

State Legislation

The Maine PTA Legislative Chair is Ginny Mott. Please contact her anytime to discuss your interests and ideas about speaking up for children and education: 207-738-2180; vmott@almanacmtn.us.

In the 2017 session of the Maine Legislature, we will have a bill to make local PTA units exempt from sales tax. Your help will be needed to get it passed!

Local Action

PTA units cannot support or oppose candidates, but we can take positions on and share information about issues. PTA’s also host meet-the-candidates events. Check out the National PTA Election Guides for information about hosting candidate events and how PTA’s can take part in elections.

Federal Level – National PTA’s Policy Agenda

To learn what your National PTA is doing on behalf of children, go to the Advocacy page of their website. While you’re there, sign up for the PTA Takes Action Network. The National PTA will let you know when there’s a need to speak up regarding legislation impacting our children and schools, and they make it easy to do so. All the information you need is provided, and if you have questions National PTA staff and members of the Maine PTA board are happy to help.

Contact National PTA to learn more about advocating with PTA: (703) 518-1200 or info@pta.org.